CBS Blocked Sara Ramirez’s Callie From Returning to ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ Says Shonda Rhimes

GREY'S ANATOMY - Sara Ramirez
Danny Feld/ABC

Fans would love for Sara Ramirez, aka Dr. Callie Torres, to make a return to Grey’s Anatomy. But according to Shonda Rhimes, that won’t be happening any time soon, and that’s because of CBS.

During an Instagram Q&A with fans on Wednesday, the series creator said she’d love to have Ramirez return to Grey Sloan Memorial. The only problem? Her contract with CBS won’t allow it — she’s currently on the network’s Madam Secretary, playing political strategist Kat Sandoval.

“Let me tell you something — we tried,” she revealed. “CBS has a hold of her. Because she’s on [Madam Secretary] And we can’t get her. But we love her. Always. This is her home. Come home Callie!”

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Rhimes also admitted that she’d love to see Addison Forbes Montgomery (Kate Walsh) in scrubs again.

“I need Addison Forbes Montgomery, too!” she said to fans, “[But] I can’t bring back people who don’t exist in terms of availability. Kate’s busy, people!” Bummer, but the door’s always open.

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And if she could bring back any Grey’s character it would be George O’Malley (TR Knight) — “I loved George so much and I miss George so much. He was super funny and adorable.”

In more Grey’s news, widowed Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) will find possibly love in Season 15.

ABC entertainment president Channing Dungey said at the TCA Summer 2018 press tour, “Meredith [is going to] have a new trajectory that is more focused on who she is as a single mother and surgeon [including her investigation] into a medical condition that is very close to her own family background and history.”

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