‘Ultimate Ninja Challenge’ Sneak Peek: The Contestants Struggle With Ice Caves (VIDEO)


In Discovery’s latest venture Ultimate Ninja Challenge, nine modern-day warriors are put to the test in an intense 24-day survival challenge based on the laws of the Ninja.

These contestants will face eight unique missions created by the last known Ninja, Jinichi Kawakami, set in the Pacific Northwest wilderness. Warriors who complete the challenges will be invited to receive a “lesson from the master himself in Iga City, Japan. The series is set to premiere Sunday on Discovery, and TV Insider has an exclusive first look.

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The first sneak peek of the new season of the Discovery Channel series has been released

Tasked with surviving in the harshest conditions, competitors find themselves “plunged into extreme environments,” as they attempt the survival methods used by the ancient Ninja. Splitting into three groups during the premiere, the warriors are dropped into a frozen glacier, frigid swamp, and windy mountainside where they must build an overnight shelter.

In the clip below, watch as one of those groups attempts to create snow caves for the evening. Will these warriors make it? Tune in to find out!

Ultimate Ninja Challenge, Premiere, Sunday, August 5, 10/9c, Discovery Channel