Formula One 2018 TV Schedule on ESPN Networks Starts With Australian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton, F1
Lars Baron/Getty Images
Lewis Hamilton won his fourth career Formula One Drivers’ Championship last year

The 2018 Formula One racing season begins early morning Sunday, March 25, at 1am ET with the Rolex Grand Prix of Australia at Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit.

All eyes will be on 2017 drivers' champion Lewis Hamilton and his heated rival Sebastien Vettel as they both seek a fifth F1 season championship.

All F1 fans' eyes in the U.S. will now be on ESPN's family of networks, as F1 and ESPN start a multiyear broadcast agreement that has all 21 races, plus practices and qualifying, airing on ESPN/ABC TV and digital platforms.

ESPN will present Sky Sports' coverage featuring expert commentators Simon Lazenby, Ted Kravitz, David Croft, Rachel Brookes, and Natalie Pinkham, and analysts Martin Brundle, Damon Hill, Johnny Herbert, Paul di Resta, Anthony Davidson, and 2016 F1 champion Nico Rosberg.

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2018 Verizon IndyCar Series TV Schedule

The 2018 IndyCar season kicks off with the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg in Florida.

Series highlights include the Monaco Grand Prix May 27 on ESPN, the Canadian Grand Prix June 10 on ABC, the United States Grand Prix Oct. 21 on ABC, the Mexican Grand Prix Oct. 28 on ABC and the Brazilian Grand Prix Nov. 11 on ABC.

2018 F1 World Championship Schedule on ESPN Networks

Schedule Subject to Change.

Race No.RaceSessionDateStart Time (ET)Network
1Rolex Australian Grand PrixPractice 1Thursday, March 229:00 PMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, March 231:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Friday, March 2310:00 PMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, March 242:00 AMESPN2
On the GridSunday, March 2512:30 AMESPN2
RaceSunday, March 251:00 AMESPN2
2Gulf Bahrain Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, April 67:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, April 611:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, April 78:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, April 711:00 AMESPN2
RaceSunday, April 811:00 AMESPN2
3Heineken Chinese Grand PrixPractice 1Thursday, April 1210:00 PMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, April 132:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Friday, April 1311:00 PMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, April 142:00 AMESPN2
RaceSunday, April 152:00 AMESPN2
4Azerbaijan Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, April 275:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, April 279:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, April 286:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, April 289:00 AMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, April 298:00 AMESPN2
5Spanish Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, May 115:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, May 119:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, May 126:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, May 129:00 AMESPN2
RaceSunday, May 139:00 AMESPN2
6Monaco Grand PrixPractice 1Thursday, May 245:00 AMESPN2
Practice 2Thursday, May 249:00 AMESPNEWS
Practice 3Saturday, May 266:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, May 269:00 AMESPN2
RaceSunday, May 279:00 AMESPN
EncoreSunday, May 273:30 PMABC
7Canadian Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, June 810:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, June 82:00 PMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, June 911:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, June 92:00 PMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, June 102:00 PMABC
8French Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, June 226:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, June 2210:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, June 237:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, June 2310:00 AMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, June 2410:00 AMESPN2
9Austrian Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, June 295:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, June 299:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, June 306:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, June 309:00 AMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, July 19:00 AMESPN2
10Rolex British Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, July 65:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, July 69:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, July 76:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, July 79:00 AMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, July 89:00 AMESPN
11Emirates German Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, July 205:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, July 209:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, July 216:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, July 219:00 AMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, July 229:00 AMESPN2
12Hungarian Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, July 275:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, July 279:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, July 286:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, July 289:00 AMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, July 299:00 AMESPN2
13Belgian Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, August 245:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, August 249:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, August 256:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, August 259:00 AMESPN2
RaceSunday, August 269:00 AMESPN2
14Heineken Italian Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, August 315:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, August 319:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, Sept. 16:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, Sept. 19:00 AMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, Sept. 29:00 AMESPN2
15Singapore Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, Sept. 144:30 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, Sept. 148:30 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, Sept. 156:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, Sept. 159:00 AMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, Sept. 168:00 AMESPN2
16VTB Russian Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, Sept. 284:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, Sept. 288:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, Sept. 295:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, Sept. 298:00 AMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, Sept. 307:00 AMESPN2
17Japanese Grand PrixPractice 1Thursday, Oct. 49:00 PMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, Oct. 51:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Friday, Oct. 511:00 PMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, Oct. 62:00 AMESPN2
RaceSunday, Oct. 71:00 AMESPN2
18United States Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, Oct. 1911:00 AMESPNEWS
Practice 2Friday, Oct. 193:00 PMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, Oct. 202:00 PMESPN3
QualifyingSaturday, Oct. 20TBDESPNEWS (delayed)
RaceSunday, Oct. 212:00 PMABC
19Mexican Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, Oct. 2611:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, Oct. 263:00 PMESPNEWS
Practice 3Saturday, Oct. 2711:00 AMESPN3
QualifyingSaturday, Oct. 272:00 PMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, Oct. 283:00 PMABC
20Heineken Brazilian Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, Nov. 99:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, Nov. 912:00 PMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, Nov. 109:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, Nov. 10TBDESPNEWS (delayed)
RaceSunday, Nov. 1112:00 PMABC
21Ethiad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand PrixPractice 1Friday, Nov. 235:00 AMESPN3
Practice 2Friday, Nov. 238:00 AMESPN3
Practice 3Saturday, Nov. 245:00 AMESPNEWS
QualifyingSaturday, Nov. 248:00 AMESPNEWS
RaceSunday, Nov. 258:00 AMESPN2