Best Episodes Countdown #8: ‘Sex and the City’ — “My Motherboard, My Self”

Sex and the City

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Season 4, Episode 8

“There’s the kind of support you ask for and a kind of support you don’t ask for… and then there’s the kind that just shows up.” — Sex and the City

SEX AND THE CITY - Sarah Jessica Parker

If you didn’t well up at this voiceover, as writer Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker, right) joins devastated bestie Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) in her mother’s funeral procession, you may be as fried as Carrie’s poor laptop.

Elevated by poignant turns from Parker, Nixon and Kim Cattrall (a surprisingly sympathetic Samantha), this was the first time SATC’s Manolos walked into deeply emotional territory, and we were rewarded with a salute to female friendships more powerful than all the Cosmo-soaked antics that came before—or after.

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