‘9-1-1’ Finale Sneak Peek: Buck Discovers Something Surprising About Abby (VIDEO)

Michael Becker / FOX
Connie Britton and Oliver Stark on '9-1-1'

As 9-1-1 wraps up its first season in tonight’s “A Whole New You,” it seems like the romance between Abby (Connie Britton) and Buck (Oliver Stark) will reach some make-or-break-it moments.

Take, for instance, this exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s finale, where we see the two going through Abby’s mother’s things after she’s passed away. As they travel down memory lane, Buck discovers something surprising about his lady, proving he may not know her as well as he thought.

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Will Viewers See Connie Britton Get in on the '9-1-1' Action? (VIDEO)

Will the 'Friday Night Lights' star ever leave the dispatcher station?

Not to mention, once he does learn of this (pretty impressive) fact, he inadvertently sparks a conversation about whether or not he’s basically living with her now. Watch the full clip below:

Tune in tonight for that and plenty more action, as the synopsis reads:

“The first responders take calls to help an unusual domestic disturbance, a ‘death’ at a psychic’s and a horrific motorcycle crash. Meanwhile, Bobby dips his toe into the dating pool, Abby takes a walk down memory lane, Buck is confronted by his past actions and Athena tries to start her new life.”

9-1-1, Season Finale, Wednesday, March 21, 9/8c, FOX