TV News Roundup: ‘Sabrina’ Gets a Cat, ‘Stranger Things’ 3, ‘Bad Moms’ on TV

Stranger Things

All Your Must-Know TV News Before the Weekend:

  1. The Cat’s Out of the Bag

    The showrunner of the upcoming Sabrina the Teenage Witch spinoff starring Kiernan Shipka revealed a key piece of information about the highly-anticipated series: Salem the cat is back and he’s still black.

    Don’t be fooled, though. We all remember the TGIF Salem as sarcastic and harmless. But in the true Archie Comics, Salem is much more diabolical.

  2. Eleven Minus Three

    Yes, Stranger Things will be returning to Netflix for a third season but its episode count is sadly dwindling. Apparently, they’ve taken a page from Game of Thrones‘ book. The ’80s mega-hit series will only feature 8 episodes and production is expected to start in April 2018.

    Something else we know about Season 3? They storyline will jump a year ahead in time, most likely to 1985, and all your favs are set to return to their beloved roles.

  3. Bad Never Looked So Good

    Fox is reportedly in the early development stages of turning movie franchise Bad Moms into an unscripted reality TV series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The series will follow the lives of real moms trying to do their best.

    The 2016 movie featuring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn was a hit and spurred a sequel, Bad Moms Christmas.

  4. Let’s Go Back, Back to the Beginning

    Laguna Beach alum Kristin Cavallari is about to step in front of the TV cameras once more. The 31-year-old is reportedly filming an E! reality show which will follow her life as a mom, wife, and business woman.

    Cavallari will have cameras document her day-to-day, which includes living in Nashville with her NFL player husband, Jay Cutler, and growing her fashion empire. She’s previously said she would never feature her three kids on a show, so we’ll see if she keeps to her word.