WATCH: Justin Timberlake Surprises Super Bowl ‘Selfie Kid’ on ‘Ellen’

The Ellen Show/ABC
Ryan McKenna and Ellen DeGeneres

The New England Patriots may have lost the Super Bowl, but aptly named “Selfie Kid” Ryan McKenna isn’t feeling too much sorrow over his team’s loss ever since he snapped that now-famous selfie with Justin Timberlake.

Of course, like most viral sensations, 13-year-old McKenna was invited onto The Ellen Show to talk about his moment in the spotlight. “This is so amazing,” he said when Ellen asked how his life had changed since that fateful Sunday night, with the young teen sporting a Tom Brady jersey on stage.

According to McKenna, he was just as surprised as viewers when Timberlake took to the audience during his halftime performance. “The lady told us we were in a good section, but we had no idea that Justin was gonna be there,” said McKenna.

The Scituate, Massachusetts, native was apparently a few rows behind the action, but elbowed his way to Justin. For anyone who was perplexed by McKenna’s obvious phone struggles in the moment, he had this to say: “All the memes—I’ve seen those—I have the iPhone 6, so that thing’s slow.”

While Ellen had the teen recount the moment for her audience, she was holding back a major surprise until she told McKenna someone wanted to say hi on the phone—you guessed it, Justin Timberlake. The boy broke down, overwhelmed by the reveal, then Timberlake told McKenna that he wanted to personally invite him and his family to see his show at Boston’s TD Garden.

Needless to say, this viral sensation hit the jackpot, even scoring some Patriots tickets and gear for himself and the family who were in Ellen’s audience.

Check out the sweet exchange below.

McKenna also upheld his new title by capturing a selfie with Ellen, and Timberlake’s promise guarantees that he isn’t slowing down anytime soon. “I look forward to meeting you and our second selfie together,” Timberlake concluded in his surprise call.

This makes us question: When is Timberlake’s TD Garden show, because we want to see his and McKenna’s second selfie. Hopefully this next time, McKenna’s phone will cooperate.

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