The Truth About Those ‘Harry Potter’ Netflix Series Rumors

Harry Potter Chamber of Secret Hermione Ron
Warner Bros.

Accio Harry Potter! You might be saying this to your tablet very soon, or will you?

The rumor floating around the Internet—and sending J.K. Rowling fans into a tizzy—is that Netflix is coming out with a Harry Potter TV series in late 2020.

Back in November 2017, a poster started getting passed around featuring a young Harry Potter, complete with his famous round spectacles and forehead lightning scar. The Netflix logo can be seen in the bottom left corner and Christmas 2020 in the bottom right, spurring many to think a series was in the works at the streaming network.

It was later revealed that the viral promo was simply the wishful thinking of a talented fan. In other words, this TV news isn’t accurate.

Fans should know better. Back in 2015, Rowling denied us our magical dreams when she shut down TV series rumors on Twitter:

But if you’re looking for a movie-turned-TV franchise to sink your teeth into, the Lord of the Rings is coming to the small screen. Amazon announced in November that it acquired the the global TV rights to J.R.R. Tolkien’s global-hit book series.

The streaming service will be creating a multi-season series with the option for a potential spinoff. Following suit with the movies, the show will take place in Middle Earth but will be branching off with new plot lines.