Twitter Expands Tweets to 280 Characters: The Best Reactions From Actors and TV Shows

Social Media Site Twitter Debuts On The New York Stock Exchange
Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images)

Twitter announced on Tuesday that its users will now have expanded character capabilities when composing a tweet. The social media app has doubled the amount of characters allowed, from 140 to 280, after successful beta testing in September. The character increase was trending all day and had people feeling some type of way about their newfound freedom of speech, but Hollywood took its reactions to a whole ‘nother level.

Television shows like Law & Order: SVU wrote out its entire intro monologue (theme music included), and Orphan Black listed all of Tatiana Maslany’s multiple personalities. Actors such as Buffy’s Sarah Michelle Gellar and Suits’ Patrick J. Adams also took advantage of the extra space by getting political, but still missing: an edit button …

Check out some of the Tweets below: