A Hawaiian Vacation Goes Haywire When Dr. Ken Stalks Dr. Oz (VIDEO)

Dr. Ken - Ken Jeong and Mehmet Oz
Ken Jeong, Dr. Oz

It’ll take more than an apple a day to keep this pesky doctor away! Mehmet Oz makes his acting debut on the hit ABC comedy Dr. Ken (Friday, Jan. 8, 8:30/7:30c) in an episode that has the talk-show guru being hounded mercilessly by Ken Park (Ken Jeong) during a flight delay at the Honolulu airport.

Dr. Ken

“Delayed in Honolulu”

“I was tickled to make a most unique house call to Dr. Ken and watch a maestro of comedy at work,” Oz tells TV Insider. “Ken helped me make the jump from talk-show host to sitcom comedian. The high point was jointly examining his staff for lice…but it was a false alarm.”

Check out this exclusive clip from the episode.

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Dr. Ken, Friday, Jan. 8, 8:30/7:30c, ABC