2016 TV Resolution: Binge-Watch All of ‘The Walking Dead’

The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Gene Page/AMC

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When it comes to water cooler talk, my colleagues eschew office gossip for more important topics, like The Walking Dead.

On a daily basis, everyone near me launches into long (and I do mean long) conversations about the world of walkers. And I’ve picked up quite a few TWD buzzwords (Ricktatorship, geeks, Wolves) and been privy to some contentious topics: Did Glenn really die? (Which became Should Glenn have died? after the big reveal.) Would the show even survive without Andrew Lincoln? How will Jeffrey Dean Morgan fare as Negan?

I’ve definitely gotten my fill of the zombie zeitgeist. And while I’m not opposed to zombies per se, I do prefer mine a little bit more hip and functional with, well, less rotting flesh (think: Liv Moore from iZombie). Because, let’s face it, the zombies on TWD can churn the stomach more than a bad corn dog.

Yet one can only stay silent and confused for so long…before feeling just a little bit left out of the loop. So, two months ago, I finally caved and binge-watched the first season over one weekend. And for a few glorious minutes, I was able to talk about my love for Glenn’s sarcasm, my sadness about Amy’s death and my hatred over Earl’s survival (I guess even TWD needs an antagonist that won’t eat your brains). Problem was: I was still five seasons away from being a Walking encyclopedia.

Thankfully, the new year is coming, and I’m ready to revisit the zombie apocalypse by watching the other seasons of TWD. Finally, I’ll be able to contribute more opinions about this small band of survivors. Because with a show like The Walking Dead, as I’ve learned, there is never a shortage of opinions. And after tackling that, maybe it’s time to catch up on the other shows everyone talks about ad nauseum: Fargo, Game of Thrones, and/or Mr. Robot.

But first things first: Finally meeting Michonne and her mighty katana.