Gordon Ramsay Profanely Auditions to Play Santa on ‘Downton Abbey’

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Gordon Ramsay profanely auditions to play Santa on Downton Abbey

As part of ITV’s annual Text Santa fundraiser, the MasterChef star and his foul mouth tried out before Lord Grantham, Lady Edith and Isobel to become Downton’s new Santa Claus.

Adam Driver to host SNL’s 1st episode of 2016

The Girls star and Star Wars: The Force Awakens villain will make his Saturday Night Live debut on Jan. 16.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Meet Your Second Wife looks like an instant classic SNL sketch

The hilarious sketch (watch it here) is “the perfect marriage (if you will) of comedy, commentary, and outrageousness that had the audience gasping alternately in shock and laughter,” says Dennis Perkins. PLUS: Tina and Amy were a ridiculous amount of fun to watch together, especially with their Dope Squad, and Tina and Amy reprised their Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton.

SNL finally did a Republican debate sketch—and found someone new/old to play Donald Trump

Doing a proper GOP debate sketch seemed like a tough proposition because of the sheer number of candidates. But SNL got normal Donald Trump portrayer Taran Killam to play Ted Cruz while announcer Darrell Hammond reprised his dead-on Trump impression. Additionally, SNL unveiled its Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio impressions on Saturday night, played respectively by Beck Bennett and Pete Davidson.

Did Hillary Clinton give J.J. Abrams a shoutout during the Democratic presidential debate?

Clinton ended Saturday’s debate with the Star Wars reference “May the force be with you.” But it just so happens that Abrams and his wife have given a total of $1 million to a pro-Clinton Super PAC. PLUS: ABC showed Clinton’s empty podium when she was late coming back from a commercial break.

Clive Owen discusses The Knick‘s season finale

What will happen to Dr. Thackery?

Watch Joel McHale’s “star-studded” final The Soup song, featuring American Idol’s Sanjaya

McHale said goodbye to The Soup with “We Ruined the World.”

ABC to celebrate Captain America’s 75th anniversary

A one-hour special, Marvel’s Captain America: 75 Heroic Years, will air on Jan. 19.