Why Streaming TV Should Be Considered a New Genre

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Why streaming TV should be considered a new genre

Netflix and Amazon shows releasing a full season at a time “are more than simply TV series as we’ve known them,” says James Poniewozik. “They’re becoming a distinct genre all their own, whose conventions and aesthetics we’re just starting to figure out.” He adds: “Traditional television—what the jargonmeisters now call ‘linear TV’—assumes that your time is scarce and it has you for a few precious hours before bed. The streaming services assume they own your free time, whenever it comes—travel, holidays, weekends—to fill with five- and 10-hour entertainments.”

Ballers hit with a copyright lawsuit

HBO, Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg are being sued by two writers who say they came up with the idea for a football version of Entourage—and Wahlberg and another Ballers producer were on board to produce it.

Fox announces MasterChef Celebrity Showdown special

Could the Jan. 18 event become the latest spinoff in the MasterChef franchise? PLUS: Judge Graham Elliot is leaving the MasterChef franchise.

Mindy Kaling totally predicted—and mocked—Aziz Ansari’s Master of None

In her book Why Not Me?, Kaling wrote fake TV tropes. One of the tropes—Neurotic Sensitive Guy Is Super Unhappy—is a dead-on description of Ansari’s Netflix comedy, right down to the bouncy house.

Amy Poehler on co-hosting SNL with Tina Fey: “It’s like double the fun, half the work!”

In a joint Q&A with Fey on hosting this week’s show, Poehler recalls writing a sketch for Parks and Rec co-star Chris Pratt, which was rejected. PLUS: Fey and Poehler’s 25 greatest moments.

Once Upon a Time casts “brave warrior” Dorothy Gale

Chicago Fire vet Teri Reeves will battle Oz’s Wicked Witch.

Vixen the cartoon will come to life on Arrow

Megalyn Echikunwoke, who played the animated Vixen on the CW Seed series of the same name, will play her in the flesh on Arrow.

Supernatural fans have invaded Donald Trump’s Instagram account with the “#misaforpresident” hashtag

But with Trump’s campaign clamping down on that hashtag, #JensenForFirstLady and #JaredForVicePresident have also popped up. PLUS: Grandpa Trump is actually reading Jimmy Kimmel’s Trump children’s book to his grandchildren.

Dan Patrick teams with Adam Sandler on a sports news show comedy for NBC

The NBC Football Night in America host is developing The Hit Show, a comedy that would combine a young YouTube star with a seasoned co-anchor behind the same sports desk.

What would Star Wars look like if it was directed by Ken Burns?

The Washington Post has mashed up Star Wars with The Civil War. PLUS: Here are the best TV tributes to Star Wars.

James Burrows is directing his 1,000th episode

The legendary “Pilot Whisperer,” famous for directing everything from Cheers (which he co-created) to Taxi to Laverne & Shirley to Will & Grace and the Friends pilot, is marking his 1,000th episode directing with the NBC sitcom Crowded.

Teresa Giudice leaves prison on Wednesday

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star plans to get Starbucks after she ends her 15-month prison stint on Dec. 23.

Check out Fox’s X-Files infographic

Presenting The X-Files by the numbers.