In the HBO Documentary ‘Bolshoi Babylon’, Ballet Director Sergei Filin Recalls His Acid Attack (VIDEO)

In January 2013, Sergei Filin—the artistic director of the Russian dance company, Bolshoi Ballet—had acid thrown at his face by an unknown figure. Authorities eventually discovered Bolshoi male soloist Pavel Dmitrichenko was involved in the attack—a reveal which divided the company.

The new HBO documentary, Bolshoi Babylon, explores Filin’s attack, the aftermath and its impact on the Bolshoi Ballet company. Due to the high-profile nature of the case, the documentary footage includes interviews with a hospitalized Filin post-attack.

“I was scared,” Filin recalls of his encounter, in the exclusive clip above. (Courtesy of HBO.) “I thought I as going to be shot…I turned around to run, but he got ahead of me. I had my hood up, and he splashed me in the face.”

The HBO documentary film, Bolshoi Babylon, will debut Dec. 21 on HBO.