‘Finding Carter’s Season Finale: Crash Is Back, And Still Has Feelings for Carter (VIDEO)


On last week’s episode of MTV’s Finding Carter, viewers saw Jared (Jackson Rathbone) creepily stalking Carter (Kathryn Prescott) as she drove away in her car…even though he was supposed to be in prison! Turns out, he had struck a deal to get out of jail—by ratting out others involved in the drug scheme he was involved in.

And a lot happens on tonight’s two-hour season finale. First, we’ll see Jared and Carter go through quite a lot. “He’s going to try to explain himself away,” says executive producer Emily Whitesell. “When you do feel such intense feelings for someone, you will let a lot slip and be explained. So, I think Carter will struggle a little bit with what he’s trying, but of course she’s Carter, so she’s no dummy. She’s not just going to swallow everything he says.” Jared’s get-out-of-jail deal will also put Carter’s brother Ben (Ben Winchell) in jeopardy. “Ben’s going to be in some hot water,” Whitesell adds, but he’ll have a support system from the Wilson clan. “It’ll become clear to the family that he was sucked into something, and they’ll be forgiving about that and try to help him in the best way they can.”

In lighter news, viewers will also Crash (Caleb Ruminer) back in the flesh, and not just via video chat on Carter’s phone. As you can see in the clip above, he opens up to Zen master Max (Alex Saxon) about his feelings, and it’s obveious he’s still got it bad for Carter. “I think we all feel the pull between Crash and Carter, always,” Whitesell says. “And they’re going to feel it again, too.” Finally!

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But the biggest teaser of all? “Someone else is going to die,” Whitesell reveals. “We’ll have another big trauma to deal with. What really happened, I think, is the big mystery.”

Watch the exclusive video above of Max and Crash’s heart to heart, and then tune in for the episode to see which character is exiting the drama.

Finding Carter‘s 2-hour Season 2 finale airs 10/9c on MTV.