‘Saturday Night Live’’s Pete Davidson: 5 Things You Should Know

Saturday Night Live - Season 40

As Saturday Night Live’s “Resident Young Person,” Pete Davidson perks up Weekend Update with his millennial take on the news. (Example: “You know who Donald Trump reminds me of? Sanjaya from American Idol…he had weird hair and he sang like garbage.”) But the 22-year-old, whose firefighter dad died on 9/11, has grown up fast. “I’m maybe 28 in a 22-year-old’s body, but I still ride my hoverboard everywhere. I used to pee while on it!” Here are five facts about the funnyman.

1. He appeared on VH1’s Mob Wives. Wives cast member Derek Tabacco was a buddy of Davidson’s. “ In Season 2, he got into a fight at this restaurant and ran out with 14 mob men following him,” Davidson recalls. “I was the one driving his getaway vehicle.”

2. He eats humble pie. “I’d say 90 percent of my SNL pitches eat s–t. I said to [November 14 host] Elizabeth Banks, ‘I have this idea where you’re my boss and you fire me because I’m always holding a sword in the office.’ No one laughed.”

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3. He’s just wild about Harry Potter. “I’m so excited for the prequel and desperately trying to find out if I could be a wizard,” he says. “None of [the cast] has been on SNL recently—probably better, because I’d just be so annoying.”

4. He once flashed an audience during a set. And he became a momentary sensation doing it. “When I was 18, I was doing stand-up wearing ripped jeans, and I did this bit where I jumped around and they just shredded,” he says. “I wasn’t good back then, so that was the best part of the show. It murdered!”

5. He nearly got arrested. Davidson once jumped a subway turnstile…and got caught. “All my friends ran but me,” he says. “I was always told to stop when someone yells—I think that’s why they let me go. I also screamed “I’m sorry!” and followed it up with waterworks.”

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