‘The Middle’: Frankie Makes a Pilgrim-age for Thanksgiving (VIDEO)


They’ll be no lime green Jell-O salad for the Hecks this Thanksgiving.

The Middle clan is skipping the holiday thanks to mom Frankie’s (Patricia Heaton) latest employment woes (she’s forced to take a two month furlough from her dental hygienist job). And—to make ends meet—the Heck matriarch takes a job playing a downtrodden pilgrim woman in the “Harvest Feast” reenactment at the local Heritage Village. There, she’s paired with a co-worker (Murphy Brown’s Faith Ford), who’s a little too into all the 17th-century role playing.

Watch this exclusive sneak peek scene of the upcoming episode.

The Middle, Wednesday, Nov. 18, 8/7c, ABC

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