‘Faking It’ Finale: Amy and Karma’s Friendship Went on Hiatus, and Hester High Got Saved


Spoiler alert! Do not read further if you haven’t watched tonight’s episode of Faking It.

Plenty of things happened during the half hour of tonight’s Season 2 finale. First, Karma (Katie Stevens) forgot her kiss with Amy (Rita Volk), but her apology backfired. Amy turned to her ex-girlfriend, Regan, whose advice led Amy to go on tour with a band for the summer. Even after Karma tried to stop her, Amy still chose to go.

Elsewhere, Shane (Michael J. Willett) and Liam (Gregg Sulkin) joined forces to keep Hester High from shutting down after Principal Turner—upset over Felix’s (Parker Mack) drunk driving accident—threatened to do so. At the last moment, Lauren (Bailey De Young) delivered a rousing speech that saved the school and revealed how Hester helped her accept her true (intersex) self. Also, Lauren and Amy’s parents announced their divorce, but Lauren chose to stay in Austin with Amy and her mother, Farah, instead of returning to Dallas with her father. Finally, Felix entered rehab and Zita (Chloe Bridges) revealed that she’d found Liam’s father, prompting him to go on a search.

We talked to executive producer Carter Covington about the night’s big events. In addition to sharing that Season 3 “will start with the last week of summer,” Covington also opened up about what’s in store for Amy, Karma, Lauren and Felix next year.

The show’s finales always have such a big twist to them. Was there any pressure coming up with this one?
We keep trying to have epic finales. That’s something our show has become known for, but it is really challenging to keep them feeling bigger than the ones before. This finale really hit everyone emotionally hard.

What made you decide that Amy had to leave town at the end?
We all felt that Amy had been chasing Karma a lot in the series. It was time for her to make a move and separate herself from Karma, so that she could truly get over her romantic attachment. We really wanted Amy to stand up for herself, and we’re going to see the repercussions of that in Season 3.

Is there a possibility of Karma ever reciprocating Amy’s feelings down the line?
Karma has not been as introspective of her own sexuality as Amy has, and there’s a lot of factors that go into why she hasn’t wanted to look inward. I definitely expect that we will start looking more inward into Karma, and what she’s been feeling through all of this, further on in the series.

What about Karma and Liam? Is it possible for them to reconnect romantically, or are they over each other now?
They’re not over each other. They were each other’s first loves, but right now they both feel like it’s not the right time to be together. And she broke up with him because she couldn’t trust him. He couldn’t figure out how to earn her trust back and trust is something that takes time to earn, so we’re going to explore how they get back to a place where they can even think about being romantic again. That’ll definitely be explored in Season 3.

Lauren’s always been a confident character, but it was nice to see her accept herself as intersex. What prompted that?
It’s the prospect of going back to Dallas and hearing how closed-minded her Dallas friends were that made her realize that it would [be going] backwards in her own journey of [self-]acceptance. Or, she’d have to come out in a whole new area. She decided she wanted to stay at the place where everyone knew her and what, she felt, was her deepest secret. She didn’t want to go back to having one.

It was also really fitting that she would be the one to save Hester after she criticized it so much.
We thought it would be the greatest irony [to have] Lauren be the one person in the school to save Hester. She becomes a little bit of an online celebrity after the video of her speech goes viral.

Will Felix return next season? It was really interesting that you featured a teenage alcoholic.
I can confirm that Felix will be back in season three. His story with Amy has not ended. The character has been very fun to write. We think that someone facing sobriety at such a young age, which happens all the time around the country, is really for a character, and his strength of a spirit is one of my favorite things about him.

Now that Turner has quit, will Hester High also go back to how it was before?
Order will be restored to the universe. Principal Penelope (Senta Moses Mikan) will be the principal again. She will be emboldened by her win at the school board, which makes Hester more Hester than ever.

Faking It has been renewed for a third season.