‘Sherlock Holmes on the Range’ and Other Crazy Celebrity Halloween Costumes (VIDEO)


With Halloween on the horizon, we asked the stars of Fargo, The Mindy Project and Transparent at Paleyfest about their craziest costumes for some inspiration.

For a simple and cheap costume, former Burn Notice spy and aspiring Fargo crime boss Jeffery Donovan offered a classic staple for those in a rush or on a budget. “A Greek toga. Just put a sheet on, put a belt you find around the house and that’s it. Go commando,” he said. As for his co-star, Jesse Plemons (Ed Bloomquist), he chose a weird pop culture mash-up: Sherlock Holmes on the Range, which he called a “weird cowboy Sherlock Holmes.”

But for those who want something simple that can still make a stir, here’s what Transparent‘s Amy Landecker suggested: “I worked at Starbucks years ago, and all I did that was really effective was black out my teeth, and for some reason it just freaked everybody out.”

Watch the full video to find out what other stars shared, plus the pop culture-inspired costume that would excite Mindy Kaling (The Mindy Project) most to see.

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