Jimmy Fallon Injures his Other Hand while Celebrating ‘Emperor of Comedy’ Honor

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Jimmy Fallon injures his other hand while celebrating “Emperor of Comedy” honor

The Harvard Lampoon threw Fallon a parade yesterday to honor its new Emperor of Comedy, but the celebration included a trip to the hospital. According to TMZ, Fallon was holding a bottle of Jagermeister, when he tripped over the girl and landed on the smashed bottle. In June, Fallon injured his left ring finger. Now Fallon has an injury on a right hand finger, as he showed on his Instagram account.

Stephen Colbert is working on a song with Chance the Rapper

“Me and Stephen Colbert have been working on a song together, and it’s gonna released very soon,” Chance the Rapper recently revealed. “He’s amazing. I can’t get that deep into it, but he’s amazing.” Ugh, no, Chance. Please get into it. We need details.”

PBS will air Sherlock’s Victorian Special on New Year’s Day — the same day it airs in the UK

In addition to announcing that there will be no delays, PBS has released a trailer and title for the special: The Abominable Bride.

Whoopi Goldberg’s tour bus bursts into flames

The View star was performing at a venue in Canada when her bus caught fire. As a result, Goldberg’s audience had to be evacuated.

Howard Stern described his America’s Got Talent stint to Jimmy Kimmel as “torturous”

“I hated every minute of it,” the shock jock said, adding that he particularly hated seeing himself on network TV. PLUS: Stern tried to get Kimmel to say something bad about Jimmy Fallon, and Kimmel unveils a star-studded Do the Right Thing sequelDo the White Thing.

American Idol winner Phillip Phillips marries his longtime girlfriend

The Season 11 champ has been dating Hannah Blackwell for nearly seven years.