‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’ Original TV Soundtracks Are Coming Soon

The Flash, Arrow
The Flash, Arrow

If you’re a fan of amassing all things The Flash and Arrow, here’s something else to add to your collection: Limited-edition original show soundtracks from the first and third seasons of each show.

Each show album contains two CDs that also include bonus tracks and music from The Flash vs. Arrow crossover episodes, though Part 1 is only on The Flash set and Part 2 on Arrow.

All the music is scored by award-winning composer Blake Neely (who’s currently working on Supergirl and Blindspot). For Neely, the most emotional part of scoring Arrow was for a baddie. The surprising murder of Canary “set the stage for what would be a dark, twisting, emotional journey, littered with bodies, surprises, team-ups, new heroes, and one of my favorite characters to have scored—the great Ra’s al Guhl,” he said. As for scoring The Flash, working on the character helped Neely progress “in a new musical direction.”

La-La Land Records is releasing both albums. The Flash Season 1 – Original Television Soundtrack and Arrow – Season 3 Original Television Soundtrack will be available on www.lalalandrecords.com on Tuesday, Oct. 20 and available in major retail outlets on Tuesday, Oct. 27.