Amy Schumer Is Storming the Stage Live at the Apollo

Amy Schumer, Apollo
Amy Schumer, Apollo

Thanks to three acclaimed seasons of Inside Amy Schumer, a lucrative book deal and the summer box-office smash Trainwreck, Amy Schumer is now a bona fide star. So why did she decide to drop her first HBO stand-up hour now? “Mmm…money!” she jokes. “No, I’ve been hitting the road hard and felt strong and ready to record another special.”

Schumer says viewers can expect a noticeable evolution since her last solo TV special (Comedy Central’s 2012 Mostly Sex Stuff) in the Chris Rock-directed broadcast. “It’s way more autobiographical,” she says. “I used to be more of a character. I still slip into it sometimes. But I’m more me.”

Topics will include “pu--y and taxes” teases the recent Emmy winner, and her set promises to push comedy boundaries. But who’s most likely to get offended? Quips Schumer: “Jealous people.”

Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo, Saturday, Oct. 17  10/9c, HBO