Amy Schumer Is Storming the Stage ‘Live at the Apollo’

Amy Schumer performing at The Apollo
Amy Schumer, Apollo

Thanks to three acclaimed seasons of Inside Amy Schumer, a lucrative book deal and the summer box-office smash Trainwreck, Amy Schumer is now a bona fide star. So why did she decide to drop her first HBO stand-up hour now? “Mmm…money!” she jokes. “No, I’ve been hitting the road hard and felt strong and ready to record another special.”

Schumer says viewers can expect a noticeable evolution since her last solo TV special (Comedy Central’s 2012 Mostly Sex Stuff) in the Chris Rock-directed broadcast. “It’s way more autobiographical,” she says. “I used to be more of a character. I still slip into it sometimes. But I’m more me.”

Topics will include “pu–y and taxes” teases the recent Emmy winner, and her set promises to push comedy boundaries. But who’s most likely to get offended? Quips Schumer: “Jealous people.”

Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo, Saturday, Oct. 17  10/9c, HBO