‘Dominion’ Finale: Series Creator Vaun Wilmott on Alex’s Powers, [Spoiler’s] Death and the Rise of Lucifer

Chris Egan as Alex, Kim Engelbrecht as Sergeant Noma Walker in Dominion - 'The Longest Mile Home'
Ilze Kitshoff/Syfy
DOMINION -- "The Longest Mile Home" Episode 208 -- Pictured: (l-r) Chris Egan as Alex, Kim Engelbrecht as Sergeant Noma Walker -- (Photo by: Ilze Kitshoff/Syfy)

When Dominion’s second season concluded earlier tonight, series creator Vaun Wilmott said it looked like Noma (Kim Engelbrecht) was grabbing Alex Lannon (Chris Egan) and taking him to Lucifer; David Whele (Anthony Head) was a prisoner of the human/angel Gen. Reisen (Alan Dale) in Vega; and Queen Arika (Shivani Ghai) was on her way to Helena. We asked Wilmott to walk us through the finale and answer questions, and also share his plans for a possible third season

The season finale certainly doesn’t wrap up most storylines. Any word on Dominion’s future on Syfy?
Not yet. But you’re right. It was definitely meant to launch you into Season 3.

Roxanne McKee as Claire - Dominion

Roxanne McKee as Claire

The most shocking death was Claire’s (Roxanne McKee), at the hands of her father. Why kill the character many viewers expected to wind up with Alex, “The Chosen One” destined to save humanity from angels?
It was a tough call. Claire was going in a different direction for Season 3, so we decided to close her out there. She had found her faith in Alex again, which she had lost early in the season, and she was willing to die for Vega, for what she believed in. It was a poetic closure.

Poetic, too, that her unstable husband, William Whele (Luke Allen-Gale), also died at the hands of his father, the awful David.
Claire’s life wasn’t tragic; she’s heroic. William had a very sad and tragic persona, created by his father’s cruelty, his lack of love and his bitterness in blaming William for the loss of his mother and siblings. Luke Allen’s work was astonishing.

Carl Beukes as Gabriel - Dominion

Carl Beukes as Gabriel

So you kill off Claire soon after we learned that Alex’s current lover, the angel Noma, had killed his mother and him 25 years earlier, at the behest of archangel Gabriel (Carl Beukes). She couldn’t, so she pledged fealty to Alex and Gabriel’s brother Michael (Tom Wisdom). Did/does she truly love Alex, as he loves her?
Alex realized that he had loved Noma since they were soldiers together, and she definitely loves him. But I had always known that she would be revealed as an angel allied with Gabriel. She was meant to be a betrayer—a double agent, so to speak. We just revealed it later than we had originally planned.

What’s with the white wings Noma unfurled as the season ended?
After she tore off her wings earlier this season, her sanity was broken. In her desperation to be made whole again, she made a deal with the Lucifer. She betrayed Alex to get these magnificent wings. Even if they were from Lucifer, we decided not to make them ugly, but beautiful.

Will Noma really take this man she loves to Lucifer? We know Lucifer needs to sacrifice Alex so he can complete his physical resurrection.
There’s always a dark side when you make a deal with the devil. In the third season, we’ll play with whether she knew what the Son of Morning wants to do with Alex.

Chris Egan as Alex - Dominion

Chris Egan as Alex

You finally showed what Alex is capable of when you had him evict the occupying angels from a batch of menacing so-called 8 Balls with a blast of energy, making them human again. Why did he only do that once, then return to just shooting them?
We really couldn’t have just him going around blasting everyone. It has to cost him to do something that big. That’s why Noma tells him, afterwards, that he “looks like death,” and he couldn’t do that again.

Will we see more of his unearthly powers next season?
In the third season we’ll definitely see him embrace his chosen one-ness, much more than he did this season. It’s almost like the first season was him denying the sword, the second season was him grabbing the hilt of the sword and pulling it from the stone, and the third season will be him using the sword. There will lots more cool stuff.

We haven’t seen the fully formed Lucifer yet. What’s your interpretation of the Prince of Darkness going to be?
Our idea is that he’s really impressive; someone that looks angelic, is charismatic and incredibly articulate. It will likely be a British actor. I do love English accents for the angels.

What does he want—besides sacrificing Alex to complete him—and how does humanity fit in?
His mythology is that he loved mankind and wanted to help them against his father’s edict. Then the other archangels were sent to destroy him. He’ll make choices that can seem very wrong but are justified in certain ways. He’ll be a formidable adversary for everyone.

Is Season 3 going to be a full-out war between The Chosen One and Lucifer?
Oh yeah. All of the stakes will escalate. It’s going to be a wild ride.

Will Michael and Gabriel also team up against their older brother?
He has no interest in bringing their Father back. Lucifer wants a world in which they’re all kings; there’s no few above many, no Father above judging and classifying. Unlike Gabriel, he sees humans living alongside angels. He’s both evil and good.

Tom Wisdom as Michael, Carl Beukes as Gabriel - Dominion

Tom Wisdom as Michael, Carl Beukes as Gabrie

Speaking of Michael, why was Gabriel so much stronger than Michael, that he nearly beat him to death in the season finale?
A lot of people have asked that. Basically the Darkness made him stronger. Normally, he couldn’t have done that, but Father’s wrath in his body supercharged him.

If there’s a third season, will viewers get to see Arika’s hometown, the much-talked about city-state Helena?
Yes. It would be wonderful to open up that world, and Arika’s such an exciting character. Our brilliant production designer has already sent me dozens of conceptual paintings.

We’ve been led to believe mostly women live there. Is that true?
There are men. It isn’t an island of Amazons, but the women are definitely in charge.