On Season 2 of ‘Dominion’, Angels Continue Battling Humans

Dominion - Season 2
Ilze Kitshoff/Syfy
Chris Eagan as Alex Lannon

Enough dillydallying. In Season 2 of Syfy’s angels vs. humans thriller Dominion, former lowly soldier Alex Lannon (Christopher Egan) finally accepts his position as humanity’s foretold messiah. The few survivors of the Extermination War, which wiped out most of Earth’s population, certainly need saving: Both ends of the angelic hierarchy—the archangels at the top and the brutish Eight Balls at the very bottom—are eager to complete the genocide.

The show opens three months after last season’s finale. Alex, a citizen of the fortified city Vega (formerly Las Vegas), has gone to the lair of human-hating archangel Gabriel (Carl Beukes). To protect Vega, now run by Alex’s pregnant love, Claire Riesen (Roxanne McKee), Alex has promised to translate the mysterious tattoos covering his body that Gabriel believes are messages from his father, God, who’s gone missing. “God is the ultimate absentee father,” creator Vaun Wilmott says. “That’s an overarching theme. Most of the characters have missing dads.”

Unlike his estranged twin, Gabriel, guardian archangel Michael (Tom Wisdom) believes God put Alex’s markings in place for human benefit. After killing several humans in anger, however, Michael has exiled himself to Mallory, a small, unprotected farming community in Alabama untouched by the winged warriors. “That’s the first of two new worlds we expand to this season,” Wilmott says. “There’s also New Delphi, a seemingly egalitarian city based on trade and built inside a giant NORAD-like [bunker].”

Back in Vega, Claire struggles to satisfy both her most privileged and her poorest subjects. The maliciously ambitious Secretary of Commerce and Senate Consul David Whele (Anthony Stewart Head) is working feverishly to undermine Claire’s rule, but a brewing rebellion among the city’s lowest caste, led by a young woman named Zoe (Christina Chong), could mean the execution of both aristocrats.

“This season,” promises Wilmott, “there’s more horror, plenty of romance and huge stakes.” Let the feathers fly!


Dominion, Season premiere, Thursday, July 9, 10/9c, Syfy