First Look: Vincent Kartheiser as a Pilgrim on ‘Saints & Strangers’ (PHOTO)

Vincent Kartheiser in Saints & Strangers
Kinetic Content/FYI

Vincent Kartheiser, who played snobby, adulterous, conflicted adman Pete Campbell on Mad Men, returns to TV as humble, pious, conflicted Pilgrim leader William Bradford in Nat Geo’s myth-busting movie about the first Thanksgiving. “It’s a gritty version of that story we know—it’s realistic,” Kartheiser says. “We’re not just trying to make a nice holiday special.”

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The photo above shows Bradford, soon after arriving in the New World, trying to convince a group of Pilgrims (saints) and adventurers who joined them on the Mayflower (strangers) that they must tread carefully in an eerily deserted Native American village. Or, they might risk angering tribes whose lives will become intertwined with their own. The four-hour film airs November 22 and 23.

Saints and Strangers, Premieres Sunday, November 22, 9/8c, National Geographic Channel