Jack Ryan Is Getting the TV Treatment

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Jack Ryan is getting the TV treatment

Lost‘s Carlton Cuse and Michael Bay are bringing the Tom Clancy CIA character to television. According to Deadline, “the show is not a direct adaptation of the books as were the firsts Jack Ryan movies but a new contemporary take on the character in his prime as a CIA analyst/operative using the novels as source material.”

Jimmy Fallon’s Empire parody Jimpire features cameos from Lucious and Cookie Lyon

Fallon adapted Terrence Howard’s Lucious look for The Tonight Show‘s Jimpire. UPDATE: Watch Fallon’s Jimpire.

Stephen Colbert’s audience greeted Donald Trump with a standing ovation

“I want to thank you for running for president. This stuff writes itself.” Colbert said during his Late Show interview. At one point, Colbert asked about Obama’s birthplace, but Trump  ducked the “big fat meatball” of a question. PLUS: PewDiePie, John Oliver and Mindy Kaling to visit Colbert next week. UPDATE: Watch Trump play “Trump or Colbert.”

Scream Queens‘ premiere caps off an unprecedented 7-month marketing campaign

The new Ryan Murphy Fox series began promoting itself in February, with that month’s Friday the 13th as a launch pad. Fox hoped the unprecedented early promotion would separate Scream Queens from other fall shows.

Late-night TV’s many Catholic talk show hosts are being asked to play nice during Pope Francis’ visit

The Pontifical Mission Societies is urging Catholic hosts Stephen Colbert, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, Larry Wilmore, Jimmy Fallon, Carson Daly and Chris Hardwick “not to let ratings and rivalries stand in the way of unity.” PLUS: Late-night hosts impersonate each other.

Amy Schumer: I’m never hosting the Emmys

“I don’t think you get paid a lot, and it seems kind of thankless,”  she tells ET. “You get rewarded with getting to host again.”

Andy Sandberg, the Tony-winning producer, is getting grief for Andy Samberg’s Emmy jokes

A lot of Emmy viewers don’t know how to spell Andy Samberg’s last name.

Introducing The Mindy Project’s baby

Says Kaling: “A lot of people have been questioning how a baby will change the dynamic, and honestly, if anything it’s given her a surprising depth as an actress to now play.”

SVU casts Olivia Benson’s No. 2

Broadway actor Andy Karl will guest on one episode.

FX boss: We make better shows than Netflix

“Take any 14 shows we’ve made — they’re better,” says FX CEO John Landgraf.

Man with 203 Simpsons tattoos given a Guinness World Record

Australian prison warden Michael Baxter now holds the record for “most tattoos of characters from a single animated series.”

BBC orders an epic drama series on the fall of Troy

Fall of a City will air later this winter.

Jimmy Kimmel mean-tweeter offers a sarcastic apology for slamming Kristen Bell in 2011

“Pretty weird that a 5 year old tweet from a nobody was dug up like that,” George Lelea, Jr. wrote on Facebook in response to Bell reading his mean tweet on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The Walking Dead boss addresses criticism that many black male characters were killed off last season

Scott M. Gimple says to expect characters of all ethnicities to die next season.

Rob Morrow is headed to Billions

He’ll assist Paul Giamatti on the Showtime series.

Bravo orders pilots True Fiction and My So Called Wife

Both pilots will feature females, one involving a con artist and another focusing on a prof who steals from her student.

Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper has become one of TV’s most compelling characters

That’s thanks to his gradual transformation over eight seasons from clueless misanthrope into a romantic lead.

NCIS promises more politically relevant stories this season

“We’re in a never-ending communication with homeland security, with NCIS in Washington,” says executive producer Gary Glasberg. PLUS: Jon Cryer accomplishes his NCIS guest-starring dream.

’ Masi Oka to produce an ESL comedy for Fox

The Japanese-born actor will get to share his life story via a comedy about an English as a Second Language class.

How Apple came up with that Emmy ad featuring Kerry Washington, Taraji P. Henson and Mary J. Blige

Jimmy Iovine said he got the idea from a pal, who said: “Why don’t you use Kerry Washington at Apple?” They ended up using Selma director Ava DuVernay to film the spot. PLUS: That ad may have been better than the Emmys.

Clive Barker’s novel Weaveworld is set to become a CW series

Barker’s 1987 fantasy/horror novel will be updated to focus on an app designer.

Britney Spears pranks potential security guards on Best Time Ever

On tonight’s show, Britney was directed what to say by Joe Jonas and Neil Patrick Harris.

Alfonso Ribeiro is returning to Dancing with the Stars as a guest-judge

The Season 19 champ will be back for TV Week.

David Bowie has written his first TV theme song in 20 years

Bowie was tapped to write the theme for Britain’s Sky TV’s The Last Panthers, a diamond heist drama.

New Unauthorized Beverly Hills 90210 Story promo suggests Luke Perry and Shannen Doherty were more than co-stars

Watch Dylan can’t touchy-feely with Brenda.

Syfy’s The Bazillion Dollar Club attempts to be a tech version of Shark Tank

The San Francisco-based reality show, premiering Tuesday, looks more like a stale copy of the ABC reality show.