‘Blindspot’ Wants to See Your Ink on #NationalTattooStoryDay


Got ink with a better backstory than “I was wasted off my face and Chinese symbols are sooo cool”? Then NBC is ready to hear your tattoo tale.

As part of the promo push for their new fall drama Blindspot—starring Jaimie Alexander (Thor, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) as an amnesiac who wakes up covered head-to-toe in mysterious tats—the network is inviting body-art aficionados to celebrate their embellished skin during this Wednesday’s social-media experiment, #NationalTattooStoryDay.Blindspot-TwitterThe idea is to post pics of your permanent work on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on Sept. 16th with a little bit about what inspired the ink, who did it, why it’s important to you and any other fun info that your kids won’t be able to use against you later in life. Then slap on the hashtags #NationalTattooStoryDay and #Blindspot, and boom, you’re not just a part of the cool crowd, your story could also be featured on NBC.com.

But don’t feel bad if you aren’t sporting a rad dolphin jumping through the ghost of Tupac holding a skull or a tribal gecko crawling around the neck of your great grandfather. If you have no desire to go under the needle and would rather have tattoos that are less forever and ever, you can add some to yourself digitally. Just do us all a favor and resist the urge to go with a hipster mustache or, god forbid, a tramp stamp. They were out the second they were in.

Blindspot premieres Monday, September 21 at 10 PM ET/PT on NBC