Jimmy Fallon Greets Donald Trump Dressed as The Donald

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Jimmy Fallon greets Donald Trump dressed as The Donald

The Donald looked at himself in the mirror during Friday’s visit to The Tonight Show, and saw Fallon dressed as him. “Let’s be honest, Fallon’s a lightweight,” said Fallon as Trump. “Me interviewing me, that’s what I call a great idea,” responded the real Trump.

Stephen Colbert’s Late Show weakness seems to be interviewing celebrities

Sure, Colbert has proven to be great at chatting with politicians, tech people and others you’re more likely to find on PBS. But that’s not going to cut it on network TV, if he wants to compete with Jimmy Fallon. “The trouble,” says Tim Goodman, “is that shiny stars drive ratings and they rule the late night world. It’s both refreshing and welcome that Colbert wants to have a more serious list of guests, but realism suggests that’s a better ploy for a basic cable channel than for CBS and its glittering new late night offering.” PLUS: Colbert books Apple CEO Tim Cook for Tuesday, Colbert’s Late Show is trading flash for substance, why the White House was forced to lift the embargo on the Joe Biden interview, why Colbert needs more female writers, and is Colbert actually Rosie O’Donnell in reverse?

Robert De Niro has never watched The Sopranos, but he loves The Bachelor

“You bet your ass I’m a big Bachelor fan!” De Niro wrote in an e-mail to Anne Hathaway and The Intern director Nancy Meyers. “The man loves The Bachelor,” says Hathaway. Director Meyers is also into The Bachelor, saying: “There is nothing more compelling. I only fast-forward through group dates. The group date, I have to admit, I’m not that into.”

Expect Mariah Carey to appear in Empire’s season finale — as somebody else

“Mariah is coming on,” says co-creator Lee Daniels. “We are trying to crack a story for her now. As with Mariah, she wants it her way. But as with Lee Daniels, I want it my way. So it’s the usual back-and-forth with mamacita until we figure out exactly what it’s going to be. We’re very close to cracking story for her. But we’re very excited.” PLUS: A day in the life of co-creator Danny Strong, The Butler’s Clarence Williams III to play Lucious’ mentor, and African-American Studies professors discuss Empire.

Jessica Williams calls Trevor Noah “awesome. He was really good during rehearsals”

The Daily Show correspondent also told students last night at American University: “Now is a really, really, really good time to be a person of color.”

Millennials are snapping up the Pontiac Aztek thanks to Breaking Bad

Walter White’s discontinued car has become a hit on the used-car market, especially among young people.

Game of Thrones adds a The Babadook star, plus Richard E. Grant’s role is revealed

Australian actress Essie Davis is joining Season 6.

Why Extant is “the blackest show no one is watching”

“Black people are everywhere on this show,” Hillary Crosley Coker says of the Halle Berry drama series.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and The Mindy Project are engaged in a gift war

It involves puppy parties, massages and the SoCal VoCals.

Melissa Joan Hart is using 9/11 to plug her clothing line

Enter the code “911” on her website to get free shipping.

Doctor Who teases Season 9’s premiere

Watch the new series prologue.

Has the Charleston shooting diminished Ken Burns’ The Civil War?

The PBS documentary, which turns 25 this year, looks different in wake of the June mass shooting, says Christopher Dickey. “The series,” he says, “sentimentalizes the aftermath of the war to the point of obscuring the deep problems of race and racism that endure to this day.”

Authors reveal their favorite TV shows

Here’s what Stephen King, Zadie Smith and S.E. Hinton are watching.

Watch The Knick’s Season 2 trailer

The Cinemax series looks as stylish as ever.

Did Luke from Gilmore Girls really make good coffee?

Based on Amazon reviews of the coffee he brewed, Luke did indeed make good coffee.

NBC buys Eva Longoria’s comedy about Texas Rangers

The comedy follows a “train wreck” female Texas Ranger.

Check out an animated Paul Shaffer on Disney XD

The former Letterman bandleader is guesting on The 7D.

Watch kids reenact the Emmy nominees

In this video, children tackle Transparent, Homeland and Orange is the New Black.

Doll & Em returns

In Season 2 of the Dolly Wells-Emily Mortimer comedy, Evan Rachel Wood and Olivia Wilde portray the pals on stage.

Will Ferrell is at his best in Ferrell Takes the Field

The HBO special that followed Ferrell as he joined a bunch of MLB teams for spring training for charity actually works. PLUS: How many celebrity vanity projects must we endure?

Project Greenlight proves to be still addictive

The Ben Affleck-Matt Damon HBO movie-making competition returns Sunday after a decade-long hiatus. As Alan Sepinwall notes, “Reality TV has changed, as has the process of both making movies and discovering talent, but the fundamental appeal of watching smart people steer themselves into a slow-motion car  crash remains enduring.”