What’s On: ‘Get Shorty,’ New Villains on ‘Narcos,’ Remembering ‘Diana’ Again

Get Shorty, highlights, ray romano
Ray Romano, Sean Bridgers and Chris O'Dowd

Get Shorty (Sunday, 10/9c, EPIX): Now that Game of Thrones is over, here’s one of the best ways to fill the void on Sundays. Recently renewed for a second season, Get Shorty honors the spirit of the Elmore Leonard novel (and subsequent 1995 movie) with darkly, violently funny Hollywood satire. When his partner-in-crime Louis (Sean Bridgers) goes a step too far in trying to learn the scriptwriting process, hit man-turned-producer Miles (Chris O’Dowd, menacing yet charming) observes: “People all over this town make movies without breaking fingers or shooting every f—er they meet.” With daughter and wife visiting from Vegas, Miles is not going to find the going any easier when his mob boss, the unforgiving Amara (Lidia Porto), decides to invest even further in the Hollywood dream (or is it nightmare) factory.

Narcos (Friday, Netflix): The notorious Pablo Escobar may now be history, but the bloody war on drugs continues in the third season of the gripping docudrama. The focus now turns to the Cali Cartel and its four “godfathers” who control the multi-billion-dollar cocaine trade as it becomes a global empire. DEA Agent Javier Pena (Pedro Pascal) leads the charge, working with American and Columbian law enforcement.

Diana, 7 Days (Friday, 8/7c, NBC): TV can’t stop remembering Princess Diana 20 years after her death, and this two-hour special focuses on the week following her fatal car accident in Paris through her funeral in London, watched by a grieving public around the world. Her sons, Princes William and Harry, share their memories of the outpouring of love and mourning they experienced in 1997.

Inside Weekend TV: PBS’ American Masters opens its 31st season with a profile of an iconoclastic independent moviemaker. Richard Linklater—dream is destiny (Friday, 9/8c, check local listings at pbs.org) offers clips from his breakthrough films (Slacker, Dazed and Confused, the Before trilogy, Boyhood), interviews with actors and collaborators, and insights from the director himself. … Showtime’s Twin Peaks: The Return (Sunday, 8/7c) bows out with a two-hour finale. Then we can maybe pretend that whole Dougie Jones thing never happened. … At least Lifetime’s Psycho Wedding Crasher (Sunday, 8/7c) gets the joke, starring Glee’s Heather Morris and Joan (poor Val from Knots Landing) Van Ark as a wedding dressmaker who falls for her client’s groom and decides to take out the bride. More rice for us! … The class act is Masterpiece’s Endeavour on PBS (Sunday, 9/8c, check local listings at pbs.org), in which our young crime-solving hero (Shaun Evans) investigates a local hospital and discovers a secret to die for.