3 ‘Days of Our Lives’ Stars Wouldn’t Mind a Stint on ‘Ray Donovan’ (VIDEO)


Three fan-favorite Days of Our Lives actors, Stephen Nichols (Patch), Kristian Alfonso (Hope) and Galen Gering (Rafe) stopped by the TV Insider studios to chat about the daytime soap.

When asked about the craziest thing that’s happened to their characters on the show, Nichols recalled, “I had to go undercover… it’s pretty hard to go undercover when you’re wearing a patch. So I allowed my friend, the doctor (played by Richard Biggs) to do a surgery in my living room and give me a glass eye.” As for Alfonso, she remembered “Nighttime Hope where she was branding men”—with an actual metal brand, because of traumatic things happening in her life.

Despite the soapy storylines, the actors understand the impact that their characters have on their fans. “They’re so grateful for us being in their homes and having had these stories presented to them all these years,” says Gering.

And if the Days stars could take a break and head to another show? Their vote (not surprisingly) would be the dark and twisted Ray Donovan.

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