’19 Kids and Counting’’s Cancelation Cost Discovery $19 Million

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19 Kids and Counting’s cancelation cost Discovery $19 million

This is the second time in the past year that Discovery has had to take losses on the cancelation of a hit reality show. TLC’s axing of Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo also proved costly.

NBC taps newcomer Shanice Williams to play Dorothy on The Wiz Live!

The Peacock shared a clip of Williams’ audition, plus her big reveal on Today.

reveals Beckett’s big change

“At the end of the day, we came into this season wanting to shake things up,” says showrunner Alexi Hawley.

Avoiding Game of Thrones spoilers has become the hardest part of NFL training camp

Spoilers for Season 5 has created tension in some locker rooms, since not everybody is caught up. “I’ll wait a couple of days,” says Washington Redskins offensive lineman Kory Lichtensteiger. “But I mean, if you haven’t watched it by then, close your ears. Earmuffs. I want to talk about it.” PLUS: Stop lying about Jon Snow!

IFC orders pilot presentation for a panel show hosted by Dan Harmon

The Community creator’s Great Minds would feature a panel of comedians. IFC has also ordered pilots for shows hosted by Jim Norton and Sara Schaefer.

Tim Allen says Last Man Standing will skewer Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

“We’re going to drill Hillary,” the Republican ABC star told critics. He added, of Trump: ”Until I see what’s under that hair, I can’t really support him.”

Don Rickles roasts Jimmy Fallon

The Johnny Carson Tonight Show fixture told Fallon: “I never liked you.”

James Corden and Demi Lovato try working as singing telegrams

Watch them annoy people from last night’s Late Late Show.

Mad Men
is auctioning off Lane Pryce’s suicide rope

Another weird thing up for auction: Ken Cosgrove’s eye patch.