Stephen Colbert mocks Donald Trump’s presidential announcement

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Stephen Colbert mocks Donald Trump’s presidential announcement
Unveiling his own comb over, Colbert posted a 6 1/2-minute video sending up The Donald’s announcement in what could be a sign of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert‘s potential for political satire.

Why Orange Is the New Black is a lot like Star Trek
It’s not just Kate Mulgrew that both shows have in common. As Katy Waldman points out, “Star Trek and Orange Is the New Black both feature ensemble casts thrown into close quarters, where they wear uniforms, manage power hierarchies, and are bound by rules explicit and unspoken. The shows espouse a vision of ethnic diversity and social progressivism. They underscore the challenges and complications of coexistence—the tectonic shifts of alliance and betrayal, the negotiation of difference—and yet neither one is willing to give up on its overall inclusive goal.” PLUS: OITNB reinvented itself by losing the villain narrative, why does one scene look like it was shot on green screen?, OITNB‘s composer talks scoring that final scene, Lea DeLaria duets with Conan, and Andrew McCarthy talks directing OITNB.

Investigation Discovery to air a special on the 2 escaped killers
Prison Break: Killers On The Run will air Thursday on escapees Richard Matt and David Sweat, with NBC producing the one-hour special.

Donald Trump would like Oprah to be his vice presidential candidate
“I think Oprah would be great,” the Republican presidential candidate says. “I’d love to have Oprah. I think we’d win easily, actually.”

Why did Matt Lauer go easy on Rachel Dolezal on Today?
Dolezal, in her “I identify as black” interview, wasn’t asked a really challenging question.

Keith Hernandez earns about $3,000 per year from Seinfeld reruns
“It used to be almost $1,000,” the former baseball player says of his Season 3 cameo. “It diminishes as the years go by. So it gives me around $3,000 per year. I’ll take it. For doing nothing. So you can imagine what Jerry gets. The principal actors, what they get.”

Wednesday is “Mad Men Day” in the city of Los Angeles
Matthew Weiner and his cast will be honored by the L.A. City Council on Wednesday. The AMC series was almost entirely shot in Los Angeles.

Jane The Virgin‘s Gina Rodriguez is publishing her first book
Simon & Schuster announced today it will publish Rodriguez’s advice book I Can and I Will: Tools My Daddy Gave Me in 2016.

Aziz Ansari goes from Daily Show intern to guest
In 2003, Ansari interned for Jon Stewart, learning how to make his coffee just right.

Parents TV Council asks McDonald’s to stop advertising on Family Guy
According to the Chicago Tribune, the conservative watchdog “is centering its debate with McDonald’s on choosing to advertise during shows that it finds less than family-friendly, particularly Family Guy.”

Viewers spend more time watching Investigation Discovery more than any other network
A new study has found that ID keeps viewers tuned in longer than any network, broadcast or cable.

Why Game of Thrones should abandon The Wall and Jon Snow next season
If Jon Snow is indeed not dead, it’s going to be really hard to keep Kit Harington’s return a secret. So why not take a break from The Wall storyline like Season 5 did with Bran’s story? PLUS: “Is Sansa dead?” and more burning questions, ranking GoT characters by happiness — Shireen is No. 1, Gwendoline Christie defends GoT‘s female violence scenes, any chance GoT wins the best drama Emmy?, and ranking all 50 episodes.

Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky is leaving E! News
Fedotowsky, who became an E! correspondent in 2013, said through her rep that her exit “was a mutual decision.”

Bradley Whitford reflects on his acting career
From Happyish to The West Wing.

Hulu Plus drops the “Plus”
“We’ve had a blast with our old friend Plus but it’s time to move on,” the video streaming service said in an e-mail to subscribers. “We just wanted to let you know that we are retiring the Hulu Plus name. From now on, we will just be known as Hulu. No ‘Plus.'”

Supernatural‘s Misha Collins scaled down a skyscraper
The actor scaled 17 stories down a Marriott hotel in Orange County today for charity.

HBO’s Rock ‘n’ Roll drama adds Ken Marino and Annie Parisse
He’ll play an A&R exec and she’ll play a PR rep in the untitled drama from Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger and Terence Winter.

How Tyrant changed for Season 2
“My criticism of that last year would be that it was a little insular,” says showrunner Howard Gordon. “The country itself was restricted to our characters inside the palace, so we didn’t get a real sense of the scope of the country and the people. I think this year, by telling the story we’re telling, we really get a deeper and more multifaceted exploration of this fictional country we’ve created — its problems and its beauty.” PLUS: Tyrant remains unstable in Season 2.

Sisters is coming to DVD
The first two seasons of the NBC drama is coming to DVD in September. The ’90s drama starred Swoosie Kurtz and Sela Ward, and also featured George Clooney, Ashley Judd and Paul Rudd in recurring roles.