Best Lines on TV This Week: Saying Too Much, Seeing Too Much

Pretty Little Liars
Eric McCandless/ABC Family
Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars

Spencer: “Allie, I’m going to say this as delicately as I can: your father’s a liar.”
Allison: “That was the delicate way?”

—Allison (Sasha Pieterse) disputes Spencer’s (Troian Bellisario) idea of letting her down gently.


“I’ve seen enough suitor dong to last me an entire life.”

Rachel (Shiri Appleby) reminds Adam (Freddie Stroma) she’s a professional during a shower strip-down scene.

Silicon Valley

Aly: “Do you have any skill at all, other than magically failing your way to the top?”
Big Head: “I have a boat. Although that’s not really a skill.”

Big Head (Josh Brener) fails to one-up the Hooli brogrammer’s insult.


Major: “Why are you doing this?”
Blaine: “Daddy issues. Megalomania. Greed. Wow, that felt really good to get off my chest.”

Blaine (David Anders) gets into T.M.I. territory with Major (Robert Buckley).

Halt and Catch Fire

“Since I don’t have the job, can I not have this lecture as well?”

Tom (Mark O’Brien) isn’t feeling patient after not being hired.


“My college friends called me Tall McCartney. I prefer that, that’s a good nickname.”

Jonah Ryan (Timothy Simons) isn’t keen on the list of nicknames Dan Egan (Reid Scott) has made up for him.

Finding Carter

Crash: “You’re always hungry, always tired and you’re basically at the mercy of everyone around you.”
Elizabeth: “Sounds like raising children.”

Crash (Caleb Ruminer) discussing his basic military training while at dinner with the Wilson family.

Game of Thrones

“It’s easy to confuse what is with what ought to be, especially when what is has always worked in your favor.”

—Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) gives Hizdahr (Joel Fry) some philosophical advice.