Bigfoot Lives! ‘The Lowe Files’ Chronicles Rob and Sons’ Search for Signs of Unexplainable Life

The Lowe Files - Rob Lowe, John Owen Lowe, and Matthew Lowe

Rob Lowe, paranormal investigator? The actor and his sons, Matthew, 23, and John Owen, 21 (above), search for answers to the unexplained—from an underwater alien base to Bigfoot—in the new A&E docuseries The Lowe Files. “Rob said to me, ‘I mostly believe. And life is more fun because I choose to believe,’” says executive producer Tom Forman.

California’s haunted Preston Castle, which they visit in the premiere, was particularly memorable because they were awakened in the middle of the night when all of their equipment went off simultaneously. “Rob and the boys had their minds blown,” Forman says. “They scream, laugh and hug in every episode. And there were times where they were legitimately scared.”

In spite of the supernatural backdrop, the family dynamic is front and center. “This is a way for Rob to keep a connection with his kids,” Forman says. “On one level, he believes in what he’s searching for, and on another, he believes he’s just being an excellent dad.”

The Lowe Files, Series Premiere, Wednesday, Aug. 2, 10/9c, A&E