‘People of Earth’ Returns For More Close Encounters in Season 2

People of Earth, highlights

Writer/alien abductee Ozzie (Wyatt Cenac) is having even closer encounters of the third (and fourth and fifth) kind now that his humanoid ex-boss, Jonathan (Michael Cassidy, above right), and Jonathan’s robot secretary, Nancy (Debra McCabe, left), are living in the same small town as him. (Jonathan is a Reptilian, one of the show’s three alien races.) In tonight’s season premiere, Ozzie’s attempts to have a chat with Jonathan about his alienhood are constantly thwarted by both FBI agent Alex (Nasim Pedrad)—she wants to nab the latter for cash fraud—and his extraterrestrial overlords, who think he’s gone soft. After all, Jonathan is supposed to be formulating a plan to destroy mankind, not enjoying their greasy fast food. “While undercover among the humans, he started to care for them,” says executive producer Norm Hiscock, “which is probably the worst thing you can do when your orders are to divide and conquer.”

People of Earth, Season Premiere, Monday, July 24, 10:30/9:30c, TBS