What's Worth Watching: Golan, Make My Day

Aubry D'Arminio

Golan the Insatiable Episode 1

Golan The Insatiable, "Pilot" (Sunday, May 31, 9:30/8:30c, Fox)

Who says your soul mate has to be human? In Golan the Insatiable, Minnesota 9-year-old Dylan (Aubrey Plaza) is suffering the fate of most smart brunettes who make maces out of rubber bands and chews on the most popular girl in school's ponytail: Total shunning. Nobody gets her. Then Dylan finds a book of spells in the basement of her mom's office and ends up summoning up a massive shirtless monster, or "godlord", named Golan the Insatiable (Rob Riggle). They make pretty cute besties. Even if Dylan's never ending desire for Golan to unleash a bloody reign of terror on her town and "slaughter the innocent" can be a little unfunny at times.