What's Worth Watching: Louis C.K. Live at the Comedy Store

Oriana Schwindt

Louis CK

Louis C.K. Live at the Comedy Store (Thursday, May 28, 11/10c, FX)

The material in Louis C.K.'s newest special is much the same as his most recent tour, which sold out four shows at New York's Madison Square Garden. C.K. hasn't yet lost his gift for self-lampoonery, as evidenced by a gut-buster of a story about a bat, and his powers of observation are keen enough to eviscerate even airplane passengers who stare daggers at parents with crying babies. "That means they've been traveling with a baby. …Their whole life is just 'Ugh, Jesus,'" he points out. "If there's any joy for them, it's that this is now bothering other people." Sorry about that, Louis.