‘MasterChef’ Preview: Gordon Ramsay’s Foul-Mouthed Fight With Contestant (VIDEO)

MasterChef, Gordon Ramsay, Fox
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Contestant Jeff gives Gordon Ramsay a little taste of his foul-mouthed medicine in a new MasterChef

Gordon Ramsay‘s famous potty mouth may have finally met its equal. In Wednesday’s MasterChef episode,“Breakfast, Lunch & Winner,” the home cooks head to Beverly Hills’ Peninsula Hotel to take over the dining room breakfast service of its restaurant, The Belvedere. And when Chef Ramsay thinks some of the blue team’s eggs belong in the toilet, he lets the naughty words fly. But, not to be outdone, mouthy contestant Jeff serves up a few four-letter words of his own!

Check out an exclusive clip of the altercation!

After watching that heated exchange, the first four-letter word that came to mind was ‘damn!’ We’re used to hearing Chef Ramsay scream expletives, but usually, the chefs stand there and take the abuse. If only Jeff could dish up breaky as well as he dishes out the smack-talk! And Chef Ramsay isn’t the type of man to let an insult go: The yucky yolks may come back to haunt Jeff later; the wang-y words definitely will.

Which do you think is the bigger of Jeff’s transgressions: serving undercooked eggs, or using foul [-😏 fowl-] language?

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