President Obama to pay a final visit to Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’

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President Obama to pay a final visit to Jon Stewart’s Daily Show

Stewart’s final three weeks as Daily Show host kicks off Monday, and the president will be his guest on Tuesday. It will be Obama’s third Daily Show visit since taking office, and seventh overall.

’s Lee Daniels insists his anti-Emmy F-bomb rant was a joke

In a new Instagram video, Daniels says “I love Emmys” and that he was just “having fun” by unleashing the F-word in a previous video.

Game of Thrones
and Amy Schumer were the top searched Emmy nominees

Google data reveals Parks and Rec was the most-searched comedy among Emmy nominees on Thursday, while Game of Thrones was the most-searched drama. Schumer was the most searched nominee, followed by Taraji P. Henson.

New X-Files teaser shows another glimpse of Mulder and Scully

A two-second glimpse, to be exact.

Candace Cameron Bure: I got death threats after guest-hosting The View

The Fuller House star has received backlash for defending the Oregon bakery that refused to bake a lesbian couple’s wedding cake. She tells ET: “I just wish that we all could be respectful to one another regardless of our opinions, especially if they differ from one another.”

The Wire
’s Andre Royo is coming to Empire

He’ll play Lucious’ lawyer, a character named Thirsty Rawlings.

Hulu is considering an ad-free option

The Wall Street Journal reports that, starting this fall, Hulu may charge $12 to $14 a month to users who prefer no ads.

Full House
’s Steve is back for Fuller House

Scott Weinger posted a pic on Twitter from yesterday’s table read.

Veronica Mars
alum Jason Dohring joins The Originals

He’ll play a detective starting with the Season 3 premiere.

Jimmy Fallon and Bill Hader go spit-take crazy

The fellow alums relived their glory days on the “‘80s cop show” Point Pleasant Police Department.

Adam Lambert celebrates James Corden’s 50th show by singing a reworked “We Are the Champions”

Corden went all out for his 50th Late Late Show, wearing a white tie and creating a special hashtag, #ThanksJames50, for the night.

Game of Thrones
’ Sansa made out with a guy wearing a Tyrion mask

Sophie Turner was at a Comic-Con party when she slipped the guy wearing the realistic mask the tongue.