What’s Worth Watching: 14 Men Attempt to Survive The Island

The Island
Chris Haston/NBC
The Island

The Island, “Man Up” (Monday, May 25, 10/9c, NBC)

This summer marks the third in a row that Bear Grylls, he of drinking his own urine and sleeping inside a camel carcass fame, launches a new reality show on NBC. This year’s venture for the fearless survivalist is The Island, a series that puts 14 men in the wild and challenges them to… well, not die.

Based on Grylls’ U.K. series of the same name, the show leaves its subjects on a deserted island with nothing more than a few tools and the clothes they have on. The fellas, who are not trained outdoorsmen, film themselves as they attempt to create shelter, source food and water, and ultimately build a new society. With no eliminations and no prizes, for these guys, it’s all simply about proving they can do it—that, or impressing Bear.