Will the Terrible Truth Finally Be Revealed on the Season Finale of ‘Wayward Pines’?

Liane Hentscher/FOX
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A war is brewing on Fox’s Wayward Pines. In tonight’s twisty finale, the citizens must band together to protect their town against an attack from the “abbies,” the deadly creatures that currently roam what is left of the world outside Wayward Pines’ electrified fence. But Sheriff Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) must also battle an internal threat: the town’s founder, David Pilcher (Toby Jones), whose leadership abilities Ethan questions as he tries to keep humanity alive in the year 4028. “They have a fundamental difference about the way things should be handled in Wayward Pines,” Dillon says. “Ethan really feels that everybody needs to know the truth, and Pilcher doesn’t want to let go of that because that’s his way of controlling everyone.”

But when Pilcher flexes his power by turning off the town’s electricity, Ethan must reconnect with his former Secret Service partner—and lover—Kate Ballinger (Carla Gugino) to protect as many people as possible and by any means necessary. “He uses tactics that you will be surprised to see are more brutal,” Dillon says. “Ethan realizes what the stakes are because of what lies beyond the fence, so he’s ready to do whatever it takes, and he takes some drastic action.”

While Wayward Pines has already amassed an impressive body count, Dillon hints that more death is imminent in the final hour. “You’ve seen those creatures. What do you think?” he says with a laugh. When it comes to the future of M. Night Shyamalan’s limited series itself, Dillon hints that Wayward Pines may be closing its gates for good after tonight. “I have no plans for [a second season],” says the actor, who does promise all outstanding questions will be answered by the end of the episode. “This show always felt like a 10-part story moving toward this finale, so it does have a denouement and outcome.”

Wayward Pines, Season finale, Thursday, July 23, 9/8c, Fox