What’s Worth Watching: Do the hustle with these Hustlers

The Hustlers
Rick Gershon/TruTV
The Hustlers

The Hustlers, “Sharks at the Table” (Friday, May 22, 9/8c, TruTV)

If you thought pool was just something to play at a dingy bar after you’re four well drinks in, think again. On TruTV’s new reality show about competitive pool, the pros take the game very seriously. Given the trash talk and beady glares, you’d be forgiven for thinking winning the game is a matter of life and death. Top-ranked players like Gary O’Callaghan, a plasterer, and Jennifer Barretta, a former body builder, battle it out with an intensity usually reserved for the Super Bowl.

The show’s perfect for the cheerleading type—those of us who’d rather root for the next guy than embarrass ourselves by picking up the cue stick. Added bonus: you can have those four drinks from the comfort of your couch.