‘Veronica Mars’ could return as a limited series

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Veronica Mars could return for a limited series

While promoting iZombie at Comic-Con, Rob Thomas revealed to TV Line he and Kristen Bell have discussed the possibility of Veronica returning for a “short-run series.” Veronica Mars was revived for a movie just last year.

John Stamos enters rehab, pulls out of Emmy nomination announcement

People reports that Stamos, one month after his DUI arrest, has checked himself into a residential program for the treatment of substance abuse. PLUS: Cat Deeley will replace Stamos for the Emmy announcement with Uzo Aduba.

Ash vs. Evil Dead
will premiere on Halloween

The 10-episode, 30-minute sequel to The Evil Dead will kick off at 9 pm on Oct. 31 on Starz. PLUS: Watch the Ash vs. Evil Dead trailer.

Bella Thorne says she’s coming back to Scream

“You will see more Nina,” the actress said at Comic-Con. “I’ll be back. More mean and less dead.”

Paula Cole is suing over her Dawson’s Creek theme song royalties

The singer claims she wasn’t sufficiently paid for “I Don’t Want to Wait.”

A U.S. senator is calling on President Obama to revoke Bill Cosby’s Presidential Medal of Freedom

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York says Cosby, who received the honor from President George W. Bush in 2005, should be stripped of the medal. PLUS: Obama officials will have to respond if an anti-Cosby White House petition reaches 100,000 signatures.

Creator Dan Harmon also thinks Community’s future lies in a movie, not in a seventh season

Says Harmon: “We wait a little bit, let (the cast) explore their awesome careers, and then we get together for an incredible movie.”

Sophie Turner discusses her Game of Thrones rape scene

“I think she thought it through in her head,” Turner said at Comic-Con. “She could have fought back if she wanted to. But she didn’t.” PLUS: GoT stars predict their fates.

Jay Leno’s game-changing Tonight Show interview with Hugh Grant aired 20 years ago tonight

Grant was grilled about being arrested for being with a prostitute, resulting in Leno overtaking Letterman in the late-night wars.

Big Brother
is embroiled in a masturbation controversy

A male housemate allegedly wiped his on a female housemate.

Giuliana Rancic on her E! News exit: “It was 100 percent my decision to leave”

Amid a report that she’s feuding with Maria Menounos, Rancic tells People: “I brought up the idea to leave three years ago, but E! News kept extending me because they wanted me to stay.”

releases a glimpse of Season 4

Check out the History series’ Comic-Con trailer.

Orphan Black
transformed itself into a horror film

The BBC America series also released a blooper reel at Comic-Con, plus telenovela and sitcom spoofs.

Agent Carter
to reveal Jarvis’ wife

Peggy will also get one or more new love interests in Season 2.

Watching the online marathon of Jon Stewart’s old Daily Shows can prove jarring

As Michelle Jaworski learned, “there’s a whole bunch of white dudes” in the early years of Stewart’s tenure.

Ted Allen defends Queer Eye for the Straight Guy against an accusation it was “minstrelsy”

The former Bravo reality star says Queer Eye did make a difference among straight and gay people.

Presenting the 25 most watchable shows on TV

From Bob’s Burgers to Game of Thrones to Drunk History.

In Ray Donovan’s second season, the fixer needs fixing

The additions of Ian McShane and Katie Holmes hasn’t resulted in significant changes. PLUS: Why doesn’t Ray have True Detective-like devotion?

The Strain
is back for more predictable fun

The FX series, says Hank Stuever, “is scary without being particularly terrifying, with gore that is expertly attuned to Halloween-industry standards. You could call it predictable, but The Strain’s strongest selling point might be its reluctance to encourage broader thoughts about apocalypse, the way AMC’s The Walking Dead does with zombies. The fun here comes without that extra layer of philosophical fanaticism.” PLUS: Guillermo del Toro directed a special prologue for Season 2.

In defense of Ballers

Dwayne Johnson’s HBO comedy is more than a dumb show — it’s realistic. PLUS: NFL is surveying fans about Ballers.

The Man In The High Castle
: Watch the trailer for the Amazon pilot

The pilot based on Phillip K. Dick’s novel tells an alternative history of the ‘60s, with the allies losing World War II. PLUS: EW is streaming the first two episodes.

See the trailer for USA’s Colony

Colony’s Comic-Con panel had the feel of a Lost reunion, with Josh Holloway and Carlton Cuse on stage and Nestor Carbonell in the audience in disguise. PLUS: Carl Weathers and Kathy Baker will be among Colony’s many guest-stars.

Sex With Brody
reveals way too much about Brody Jenner’s sex life

The E! show can be filed under “things you never needed to know about Brody Jenner.”

Masters of Sex
boss admits her Showtime series sounds like a late-night exploitive sex show

Exec producer Michelle Ashford says: “There’s so much opportunity on TV for pyrotechnics and big stuff to happen and I understand the appeal of that, but I would say there is room for stories that reflect how we live our lives even now and the decisions that we’re faced with and the dilemmas of love and marriage and family and children. I think it’s good to balance it out. We don’t have heists or crimes or other worldly things like dragons, we just have humans, but I think those stories are worth telling. These are the stories that most reflect how we live and that can be pretty fascinating so give it a shot.” PLUS: Season 3 is chock full of children, and Season 3 finally returns to focusing on the biggest events of Masters and Johnson’s career.

7 Days in Hell
will cause you to break out in spasms of laughter

The Andy Samberg-Kit Harington HBO tennis mockumentary expertly pokes fun all the sports documentary cliches, especially the ones from ESPN’s 30 for 30. PLUS: It’s a bright and breezy 42 minutes, it doesn’t take long to run out of gas, it only has five minutes of jokes to tell, and Samberg talks about conceiving the film.