The CW Upfront: It’s All About The Flash

TV Insider

The CW is a different beast entirely than the other broadcast networks—it’s decades younger, a joint venture between CBS and Warner Bros., and their target demographic is 18-34-year-olds, i.e. the people who no longer watch TV on TV. So it’s doubly impressive that a show like The Flash is now tying for third place in its time slot, that their ratings are up for the third year in a row, and that a newcomer like Jane the Virgin‘s Gina Rodriguez is winning a Golden Globe.

That kind of success breeds stability, and so the network has settled into a comfortable groove for the fall. “We did not have a lot of shelf space,” president Mark Pedowitz said before introducing the single new series that’ll debut before the end of 2015: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which, judging by the general sounds of merriment and a rare mid-clip “This is great!” exclamation from one ad buyer, the audience seemed to love.

Pedowitz placed heavy, heavy emphasis on The Flash‘s success, extending to the Flash/Arrow crossover event from December that will now be a once-a-season event; such is the appeal of the two shows that as soon as Flash‘s Grant Gustin and Arrow‘s Stephen Amell stepped onto the stage to introduce the midseason DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (semi-enthusiastic audience response), every smartphone in the room at the New York City Center switched into camera mode.

Though the network is trying to attract more menfolk—specifically, 18-34—with costumed crusaders, this morning’s star was the effervescent Rodriguez, who gave yet another emotional speech on a stage. This one was for advertisers, though, and if she can be that heartfelt, thanking them for supporting not just her dreams, but those of her castmates and every other actor given a second chance, she’s either one of the most genuine people on the planet, or she deserves every acting award in existence. Or possibly both.

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