Marisa Tomei to recur on ‘Empire’

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Marisa Tomei to recur on Empire

Tomei is joining the Fox series as lesbian billionaire venture capitalist Mimi Whiteman, who becomes involved with the Lyon family. According to Deadline, “Mimi is a lover of hip hop music, social trends, high-end fashion and beautiful women.”

Report: Reelz paid “no more than $100,000” to show the Miss USA pageant

The Wrap reports Donald Trump sold rights to the pageant for a fraction of the cost of production. Reelz CEO Stan Hubbard tells TMZ: “Trump is not going to profit from what we’re paying. What we’ve agreed to pay doesn’t even dent the cost of production.”

Only 4 of 25 Scream Queens characters will make it to Season 2

Ryan Murphy says he’s planning a different horror genre for each season of the Fox series: “It’s similar to American Horror Story in that it’s anthological but different in that at the end of the first season there will only be four characters out of 25 left.”

Dukes of Hazzard
’s Cooter: “The show is part of our history! The flag is part of our history!”

Ben Jones reacted to TV Land pulling reruns of Dukes of Hazzard, telling Fox News that the show “represents the spirit and the good heart of America (because) it’s the most positive show in the history of television. Kids of all races love this. Why are they doing this? This is like the book burning in Nazi Germany!”