What’s Worth Watching: Undateable Says Goodbye to Prerecorded Episodes

Greg Gayne/NBC

Undateable, “An Angry Judge Walks Into a Bar” and “Cop Number Four Walks Into a Bar” (Tuesday, May 12, 9/8c NBC)

Undateable, which was the only comedy series to be renewed at NBC, will be returning in the fall with 13 all-live episodes. A popular live airing on May 5 featured everything from Ed Sheeran and Scott Foley cameos, to guest appearances from Victoria Justice and pretty much every major Scrubs actor (Thanks, creator Bill Lawrence!).

In tonight’s first-of-the-last prerecorded episodes, Phill Lewis guest stars as the father of Justin’s (Brent Morin) new girlfriend, and the two don’t exactly get along. Danny (Chris D’Elia), as usual, finds a way to make things even worse. In the second, Candace (Bridgit Mendler) enters a contest to win a free house in an attempt to escape Justin and her growing feelings for him. And as in the previous episode, Danny again messes it up. See a trend? Either way, you’re not going to want to miss these last two episodes as Undateable prepares to take on a completely new format.