What’s Worth Watching: The Good Wife Wants You to Open Door Number 3

The Good Wife - Julianna Margulies
Jeff Neumann/CBS
The Good Wife

The Good Wife, “Wanna Partner?” (Sunday, May 10, 9/8c, CBS)

This season of The Good Wife has been a little…rocky. New firms turning into old firms turning into solo firms for questionable reasons; a campaign that ended up going nowhere and told us nothing new about our protagonist; a semi-insulting end to Kalinda’s run on the show. (She’ll appear tonight for the last time, but it would take an awful lot to salvage her storylines from the last few seasons.) But it’s The Good Wife—even at its worst, it’s still pretty damn good. Tonight is the season finale, and creators Michelle and Robert King have an opportunity to set up a (presumed) seventh season that steers away from the rocks they’ve found themselves on. The easiest way they can do this is by having Alicia and Finn Get It On, because the sexual tension between the two is really too much at this point.