What’s Worth Watching: America’s Next Cat Star Picks a Winner

America's Next Cat Star
Animal Planet
America's Next Cat Star

America’s Next Cat Star (Saturday, May 2, 9/8c, Animal Planet)

You’ve no doubt heard of America’s Next Top Model and American Idol, but have you heard of America’s Next Cat Star? This feline contest will crown their winner tonight in an attempt to find the next kitty sensation that could sweep the Internet a la Grumpy Cat. People of the Internet picked the top five finalists (as if there’s anything else to do online besides watch cat videos) made up of: Albert BabyCat, an adorable Munchkin with a distinct triangle on his face, the fluffy and smiley Persian Brimley, exotic shorthair Der with a tongue like Lil Bub, Sauerkraut a special needs cat from Oklahoma who is almost as angry looking as Grumpy Cat, and the Sunglass Cat, real name Bagel, a special needs feline who sports awesome shades to protect her eyes.

Host John Fulton (former host of the channel’s Must Love Cats), and a panel of judges made up of pet expert Andrea Arden, Buzzfeed Editorial Director Jack Sheperd, and comedian Julie Klausner (Ugly Americans), will be picking the top dog… er, cat. This ought to be one purr-fect night.