Sneak Peek at Gotham's Season Finale: Penguin's Got a Gun

Oriana Schwindt
Jessica Miglio/FOX

Gotham Season 1 Finale

Gotham's underworld has always been a strange swirl of ever-shifting alliances and beefs. Fish (Jada Pinkett Smith) and Falcone, Maroni and Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor)—it's all sort of like Gossip Girl, but with slightly more murder. In Gotham's finale on May 4 (8/7c, Fox), Fish Mooney stomps her way back into town after spending a quarter of the season on that weird island controlled by the organ-harvesting Dollmaker, and she's going to get hers, even if it means going up against Maroni and Penguin at the same time. This time, though, Penguin's got a gun, and we've got the exclusive first look at a trigger-happy Oswald Cobblepot.