#MyRealityTVShowWouldBe Is Trending … Here’s What We’d Actually Watch


The hashtag #MyRealityTVShowWouldBe is currently trending, and we can’t help but consider the real possibilities buried in the Tweets. Here, some of our favorites – and whether we’d actually watch:

Would we watch? Probably not, but only because we live this every week.

Would we watch? Maybe. Getting revenge on anonymous commenters has real potential. But is it a comedy or a thriller?

Would we watch? Since this is actually the premise of most existing reality TV … probably. But only for the heckling possibilities.

Would we watch? We’re not big on the bloodshed, but predict a huge following among high school teachers and college professors.

Would we watch? Noooooooyes.

Would we watch? We’d check out the pirated episodes.

Would we watch? Not without the classified material.

Would we watch? For the wacky cultural hijinks that ensue.

Would we watch? Yes, and immediately renew if it involved a Freaky Friday-style body swap.

Would we watch? Well, the superhero genre could use some new ideas …

Would we watch? Yes.

Would we watch? Pretty sure they made this one already. See: Lip Sync Battle